I’m currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in Design at the University of Brighton.

The title changes a lot, but at the moment it’s:

Designing beyond mastery:  How can designers and non-designers learn to design without reproducing mastery, and its hierarchies of expertise?

Improvisation in all its forms is playing a large part so far – the ultimate aim is to re-imagine participation in a fundamental way, and find means that can help to recast participation on more open and equal terms, as a process of informal learning and self-teaching…

From 2014-15 I studied at the University of Brighton on the MRes Arts and Cultural Research, with a concentration in Design.

I was awarded a Distinction for my practice-based thesis “Improvised everything: Prototyping a more equal participation in design”.

You can read the dissertation and the accompanying practice documentation booklet here:


Practice documentation booklet

A speculative toolkit