I’m currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in Design at the University of Brighton.

The working title is currently:

Future-making things; or, a masterless apprenticeship:
prototyping learning and design towards collectively-improvised futures

Improvisation in all its forms is important to the research – the ultimate aim is to re-imagine ‘participation’ in design in a fundamental way, and find means that can help to recast participation on more open and equal terms, as a process of informal learning and self-teaching.  Such new means, objects, tools and methods could have much to offer efforts towards social and environmental sustainability, efforts that can be hindered by disconnections and imbalances in agency between traditional categories of designers, producers, users, service providers, governmental bodies etc.

The research takes an experimental approach based on object-centred interactions – such as making improvised tools – and seeks to test in what ways improvising and experimenting with designing through making can help people from all walks of life to learn to participate more directly in the making of the designed world around them, on more equal terms.

From 2014-15 I studied at the University of Brighton on the MRes Arts and Cultural Research, with a concentration in Design.

I was awarded a Distinction for my practice-based thesis “Improvised everything: Prototyping a more equal participation in design”.

You can read the dissertation and the accompanying practice documentation booklet here:


Practice documentation booklet

A speculative toolkit