Niall is interested in…   design / research / experiment / craft / technology / tools / implements / instruments / interactions / improvisation / participation / self-education / social sustainability / useful art / unusual music

He is currently undertaking a PhD in Design at the University of Brighton, where he tries to bring some or all of these things together.  Niall has previously studied Mechanical Engineering, Fine Art, Art History, and Arts and Cultural Research in Design, and spent 5 years as a University Art & Design technician after working in modelmaking and photography.

Niall is originally from Wednesbury in the Black Country, just west of Birmingham – a place known for being the longest continually industrialised area on the planet, where making things has been a way of life for centuries.   Historically ‘the workshop of the world’, it was here that he first developed an interest in designing, making, and music, influenced by the area’s own mythology as a place of production and the DIY attitude around him.

He is currently based in London, but is always keen on spending time in Birmingham and the Black Country, or working on projects that remind him of home.