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Timber frame self-build course

The Centre for Alternative Technology in Macynlleth, Mid Wales runs a timber frame self-build course based on the principles of the Segal Method. Teaching on the course is…

Ian White, Segal self-build house resident

Ian White lives in one of the original Segal method houses in Lewisham He has collected a wealth of interesting information and pictures on his simple self-built website:…

Segal method reference information

See here for further reference information on how the Segal method works, and all the steps involved in building a house the Segal way.

Walter Segal on Wikipedia

There is a short but interesting page on Walter Segal on Wikipedia. It gives a little background on Segal, and the method he developed.

Walter Segal Self-Build Trust

The Walter Segal Self-Build Trust was set up after Segal’s death in 1985. It’s website, although a little out of date has a good archive of information, photographs,…