To complete the groundworks, you need to fill the area inside the slabs with gravel.

  • Select the 3D foundations marking layer
  • On the grid, drop the gravel marking guide component onto each post location at the corners of the house footprint and at the posts inside the footprint, centered around the level line
  • Draw a vertical line down to the ground from the inner corner of each marking guide at an external corner post.
  • Draw a straight line from the bottom endpoints of each of these lines to mark a guide for the perimeter of the gravel area
  • Use the drape tool to project each of these guide lines and the gravel marking guides for the internal posts onto the site terrain component in order to mark out the gravel area on the ground.  This is actually easier in real life than it is to draw in Sketchup.
  • Explode the site terrain group
  • Select all the areas of the mesh within the boundary, and make a new group called “gravel”.  Edit the group and fill the faces with a gravel material, and make sure it’s on the gravel layer.
  • Select one of the remaining site terrain faces, and right click>select>all on same layer, then regroup these and make sure the group is still on the site terrain layer.

You are now ready to start building the frame!