When all the frames are made, it’s time to raise them.

When building:

  • You will need some more people to help, as the frames will be large and heavy.
  • You will attach bracing timber supports before lifting, and use them to help raise the frame.  These can then be reused later in the building process.

In Sketchup:

  • Make sure the foundations and paving slabs layers are showing
  • Move the frame group horizontally to align with the structural frame plan post locations
  • Rotate the frame 90° to vertical
  • Move the frame vertically down to the ground, to sit on the foundation piles
  • The bottom of the ground floor beam should be aligned at the grid height if you were accurate in your work and measurements

Brace the frame:

  • Select the “bracing timber” layer
  • Drop in bracing timber components, and align at approx 45° joined to the posts, to secure the frames and stop them falling over.
  • When building, the frame spacing is measured, and their positions adjusted and then rebraced to ensure accuracy.